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Heart and Dance
Heart and Dance


"I hate you", said Anamika. 

"You will keep on hating and I will win the award of the best dancer of this college." Suresh said and smiled.

"Keep on dreaming."

They both are the best dancers of LLH College of Arts and Commerce. But the dance championship trophy belongs to only one. They are motivated by their friends. But wait, all of a sudden it was announced that there will be no solo performance, the new rule was a dance couple will get the trophy. Now what? 

Both were requested by every other candidate to be their partner but they do not match their expectations. So they decided to be one another's partner and they will divide the prize money at the end.


During their rehearsals,they are initially fighting due to their hatred for each other by blaming one another by claiming that one did wrong steps. But gradually they both felt attracted to each other and fell in love. They became the best friends of another. 

"You are not that bad yaar" said Suresh. 

"You too."

"You are sweet, I didn't know earlier. "

"How will you notice if you keep on hating me? "

"I don't hate you, it's like I want to fulfill my dreams. "

"Now it's our dream. "

"Can we meet after the competition? "

"Let's see. "

Suresh got nervous and worried. 

"Come one, we have to practice more," she said. 

One the day of the competition, they won. That day Suresh took the mic and announced at the end… .


"Thank you everyone for supporting me, mom, dad, my friends and Anamika. I always considered her as a competition, moreover a barrier of my dreams, but today we both together have fulfilled our dreams. These days I realized that she is the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. And today I wanna tell this in front of everybody,  that Anamika I love you. Will you be my better half. "

Anamika nodded her head with a broad smile saying yes. So a new love relationship started. 


~ Pratushya Chakraborty

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