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Will It Work?
Will It Work?

Now that Aaryan knows Kritika works in the same office, they spend a lot of time together. Even if the break is for 5 minutes they are found together. Everyone thinks there is something going on in between them but they call it ‘friendship’. If we look closer into their lives, we’ll know that there is something more than friendship. They have a plan of going out on Saturday to a nearby restaurant and Kritika has something to tell Aaryan.

In the restaurant-

Aaryan- The food is amazing. Isn't it?

Kritika was lost in her thoughts.

Aaryan- Hey? You here?

Kritika was interrupted in her thoughts. Something was clearly disturbing her.

Aaryan- Are you okay?

Kritika- Umm... Yes… The food tastes good.

Aaryan- You want to share something?

Kritika- Yes.

They continue eating their dinner. Aaryan didn't ask anything again because he thought Kritika needed some time. Kritika broke the silence.

Kritika- I’m going to London tomorrow. I had applied in a college there for my MBA and I’ve been selected. 

Aaryan didn't say a word. He wasn’t expecting this. He was shocked. He had many questions and wanted their answers but he could not find the words. The only thing he wanted to do was to ask her if she can ‘stay’. None of them uttered a word and finished their dinner in silence.

After finishing the dinner they walked towards Aaryan’s bike.

Aaryan- Congrats! 

Kritika- Thankyou!

Aaryan- Let me drop you home… who knows whether I’ll get this chance again or not.

Kritika didn’t say anything and sat on the bike quietly. The night felt very quiet that day. The way to Kritika’s house seemed to be very long because of the silence. They reached Kritika’s home and still none of them uttered a word. They just kept looking at each other. They were not able to find the right words but the eyes do not need to find any. Kritika left in silence. Aaryan watched her leaving.

Next day was Sunday and this is the day Kritika had to leave for London for at least 2 years. Whole day went in packing and the time finally came, when she had to bid a warm goodbye to her house. She called her parents and informed them that she was leaving. She locked her house and gave the keys to the landlady. While she was about to book a cab, she saw a car stop by her and Aaryan came out of the car. They looked at each other for a minute and Aaryan put her luggage in the car. Kritika sat in the car and they started driving towards the airport.

None of them said a word in the initial journey until Aaryan broke the silence.

Aaryan- So, for how long are you going to be there?

Kritika- I’ll complete my MBA in a year and then I’ll see if I can get a job there and will work there for at least a year or so.

Both of them remained silent for another 2 minutes.

Aaryan- You remember the day, we first met?

Kritika smiled and said “yes, of course I do. If I were not there then you must have gone to any bar and by now you would have become a perfect drunkard.” They laughed.

Aaryan- While dropping you home I felt something. I forgot about my breakup and felt a positive vibe.

Kritika’s heart sank while listening to Aaryan. She knew what was coming next. It’s not that she didn’t want this but she wasn’t prepared for it.

Aaryan continued “do you remember I told you ‘who knows what the coming few minutes hold for me’? I guess I have the answer.”

The car stopped. They’ve reached the airport before time. Kritika was looking at Aaryan with a small drop of tear in her eyes.

Aaryan- You’re my dream come true. Since you’ve been around I stay happy a lot more than I used to.

Tears start rolling from Kritika’s eyes.

Aaryan- I hate admitting this and I know you’ll cringe after listening to this but trust me I’ll be jealous of all those people who’ll see you everyday. I love you Kritika…

Kritika screamed at him- You always do this! You always have to say right things at the wrong times. Why would you say this now when you know this will make it difficult for me to go?

Aaryan- I don’t know. Trust me I had not planned this. Something just got into me and I don’t know…

Kritika was still crying.

Kritika- This will not work. Long distance never works! People cheat, people lie and so on. There is no love in long distance.

Aaryan- It can work if we want to make it work. And I want to make this work.

They both sit in silence looking at each other. No matter whatever happens we’ll fix it. 

They sit in silence looking at each other.

Aaryan- Is the pilot your uncle or what?

Kritika- What? No! What are you saying?

Aaryan- Then why do you think he’ll wait for you even if you get late?

Kritika realised it was time for her to go. Aaryan helped her with her luggage. They hugged each other and said the final goodbye.

While Kritika was walking towards the gate of the airport, Aaryan shouted from behind- I’ll wait for your text saying ‘we’ll make it work’, and smiled. Kritika smiles back at him and leaves. Aaryan watched her going and when he was about to leave, his phone vibrated from a message. The message said- “We’ll make it work!” 

~ Raghav Khaab

Aapke is safar ka sathi


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