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To create a personality of her own, she had to rush but is there something worth for her to be so persuasive about her passion. She knew that there is nothing about this world that can ever help her to reach on the top. Struggle and passion are similar but still can’t be enough to be accepted in this fucked up society. So what if she was the daughter of a prostitute, can’t she just have her own life without a head name ? Can’t she be known by her first name? Why does everything have to be so complicated with the choice of living your own life on your own terms ? She was one of the most talented people I have met.

I met her a few months ago when I was in one of the most overrated areas of the cities where “decent people” don’t go. So, I guess curiosity brings out the best in me and I have to see what it is about this place that people so offensive with a single thought of it. One day I decided to just go on a tour and explore its depth then maybe I will also be able to know why exactly they can’t treat the people of this area as a normal human being. When I reached there I was confused as to what’s the difference. Is it something has to do with the weird smell or the way everyone is dressed so frantically. The moment I reached there I get to know that this is one of those places where many people can to get rid of their anxiety with means of paid sex but what I couldn’t understand is why they were always treated like a trash.

I was observing the place when I suddenly noticed that there was a girl sitting on the porch of her. She was about my age and has so much more charm than any other person in this whole area. She was busy but in a different way. She was doing something that is rare to see in such areas. With books in her hands and a laptop in her front, maybe she was studying. I didn’t realize how, but I was already standing in front of her house and staring at her like someone showed me a magic trick which is difficult. I was intrigued by her spirit and handle but ask, how are you able to study in such an area?

Am I being an hypocrite asking her how she can study, it’s not like people don’t study or I haven’t seen anyone studying but this wasn't what I was expecting to see in this colony. I immediately regret asking this and apologized. I thought with this question she would be offended but in fact she was smiling and more to it she replied to in the most obvious answer “It gets easy to study when the motivation is always in front of my eyes. I study to earn the respect for the prostitution.”

If world is anything like her they will understand what’s the reality is and what is fantasy. She doesn’t need to fight with whole world to be accepted but she is, because this is what they always do, fight for acceptance. They should be accepted because every human being has heart which beats for admiration.


Aapke is safar ka sathi


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