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Through the Windows
Through the Windows

I was walking by myself in the evening when I saw him. The snow fell last night, sparkling beautifully in the street. It was dusk already, and the fog was creeping its way in. Then I saw him in the dim lights of the street and through the foggy glass of the windows. He was there, standing by the window of his father's store, helping him.He looked happy.


The first time that I saw him was so long ago that it's hard to remember when it was. We went to the same school; we were in the same year. He was my first friend. He was handsome, long before I knew what handsome was. He was nice to me, long before I could judge good and bad people. He would sit next to me, share his food from his lunch box, and play with me. We were young and clueless but we were happy.


The first time I realized that he was special to me was when I went away. Scared and timid in a boarding school, I was lonely and miserable. I missed him  and his kindness, but I couldn't reach him out. I wondered if he missed me too. I did poorly and fell ill, but a good thing came out of it. My parents sent me back to my old school. I was excited to see my old friend, but he changed. Something had shifted. He had new friends that I found were strange. It was upsetting and I was angry.

Still in the same year and in the same classes, I was glad that I could at least see him everyday. Our conversations had shortened to daily greetings and occasionally a little more than that, but it was enough for now. I was happy until I wasn't. 


It rained the day I saw him the last time. I saw him through the window of my school bus. He was helping his dad put some bags in the car. Maybe he was going on a trip, but then he didn't show up at school for months. He had switched schools. He had gone away. No goodbyes. 


I saw him again this evening. Through the foggy glass window, in the dim lights of a scantily populated street. He was there helping his dad in their store. He was smiling. He looked happy. And then he turned my way. He saw me through the window. I would have never thought he recognised me, but when his eyes met mine, there was realisation in them. He knew me. He was smiling a little brighter , at me. Possibly because of me , I might have stood there for long, because I didn't notice when he came out of the store and was standing right in front of me. 

He said I looked beautiful, that he was sorry he didn't say goodbye. He said he hoped to see me again, he prayed that he would see me again. He said he missed me all these years. 


I don't remember , I said anything at all. I don't remember when I got back home. It all felt like a dream until a soft buzz of my phone brought me out my trance. There it was his name on my phone with a short message. " It was nice meeting you today. Would you like to grab some coffee tomorrow?" . I smiled at myself. It was real. And in that moment all was forgiven , all was happy again.




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