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College Love Sory
College Love Sory



The soft glowing light from the sky when sun is above the horizon, birds twittering at eaves. The world comes alive drawing people out the deepest slumber. Vani was still in deep sleep she’d experienced in years & she woke up to the sound of her alarm. She was smiling, for the first time her life felt amazing. Past years were difficult & rough but she fought through the hard times & focused on her only dream. A month back she cleared her entrance exam for medical college & backed all India rank 4 in the exam. It was a dream come true moment for her, she could choose the college of her dreams. She always wanted to become a doctor & now finally she would soon become one. Vani was very shy as a kid, most of the time she was alone in class & all these years mocked by classmates in school for no valid reason shattered her confidence totally which it seems she’s gaining back at her own pace. Being an introvert, reticent & anxious this bustling world was overwhelming for her. Soon the admission procedure was over & the day came that she’d been waiting for a long time. It’s her first day at college she’s a bit nervous & excited about how coming 5 years of her life will be, with every possible thought running through her mind she left home with her dad for college. Her school life was hell of an experience & she doesn’t want her college life similar even a bit. “ Vani we have reached your college” her father exclaimed & wishing her all the luck left for his office. She was alone at the entrance & nervous at the same time. “Are you Vani Sharma?’’ A voice came behind her back. “ Hi I’m Shaurya & I saw your picture in the newspaper.” “ Hello! I’m Vani ‘’ said vani in a little squeaky voice. Shaurya was very confident, full of life kind of guy. It felt that  words like hesitation, nervousness were never in his dictionary; on the contrary he was filled with excitement. Vani never had a friend before & it felt nice having one, she was comfortable around him. They both headed towards the registration office & then to the hall where all freshers were supposed to meet for an orientation session. “I’m chivalrous”, Shaurya while opening the door for vani exclaimed. She smiled back at him. As soon as they entered, they caught everybody’s attention in the hall & soon they could hear whispers across the hall. Shaurya could sense nervousness on Vani’s face & he said in a composed voice “ Relax, they are just curious.” Vani grabbed the first possible chair she could & sat followed by Shaurya. 


Soon the orientation ceremony began putting an end to the cacophony of bleats. Vani was asked to come on stage to introduce herself as a rank holder, however she was a little hesitant at first but everything ended well. After the ceremony freshers indulged in introducing themselves, some came to Vani as well. After college hours when everyone began to leave Vani thanked Shaurya “ hey listen! Thank you for today.” Shaurya smiled & said “ Are you okay now?” “I’m, exclaimed Vani. Both of them exchanged numbers & left campus for home. After reaching home everyone asked Vani was her day to which she happily replied,” the best” heading to the room. She was happy & seeing that so was her family. Next morning Vani was excited for college & to meet her new friends. Her father as usual dropped her to the college & she went towards the class to find Shaurya already present there. He smiled at her, she smiled back & sat down. Lectures went well & during the break everyone went to the college canteen hanged out for a bit until their next lecture started. This became their everyday routine. The days passed by & people gravitated instinctively towards people they could relate to, groups were formed. Hovering around everywhere Vani & Shaurya were University’s favourite friends pair. Both of them transformed beautifully like a cocoon into a butterfly. When Shaurya first met Vani he saw fear, chaos, confusion in her eyes but she is a different person now. A girl who was always dodging every possible interaction she could was now enjoying everyone’s company. Not everyone she was surrounded with was nice but somehow for the first time she was not worried about others opinions but herself. Something was different, it was her friend Shaurya who helped her to gain back her self confidence which she lacked back then. With him she never felt judged whereas, Shaurya became little composed & sincere towards life.


They could read each other’s mind easily, both of them were deeply in love but completely unaware of it. Little did they love was planning to knot the strings. 

It was Saturday morning, classes weren’t scheduled like every other day. Seniors had organised a fresher’s party for freshers. Girls & boys were all dressed up for the fest. Vani was late & Shaurya’s eyes were stuck at the entrance when a girl entered like a gentle breeze, his heart beat began to race. It was Vani, this was not the first time he saw her but that day it felt different. She was all dolled up in black saree for the occasion. Her elegance made sure he was awestruck but he acted as if he was fine. 


She came to him “ hey! You look smart” she exclaimed hoping for his remark to which he replied “ You look beautiful”. For the first time in life Shaurya felt nervous. A guy who wouldn’t stop talking once started felt short of words. Both of them met almost everyday & even visited each other’s home occasionally but it was that day something felt intriguing about each other to them. As the dance started there was amidst rush & Vani held Shaurya’s hand hand with a sudden push as they got closer , her hair on his face felt like strands of silk. He couldn’t admire her enough & wanted that moment to cease forever. This is what love does to people, the love they were unaware of till now. Once touched by this feeling, it changes you completely.Sitting outside the auditorium they looked around. It’s been a month since they’ve met each other, their usual drill was to hangout with each other until it gets dark. Party was about to end and everyone was engrossed in dancing, Vani too but her eyes were searching for Shaurya. He went excusing himself for a moment. Shaurya came back & Vani waved inviting him to dance with her. 


Shaurya slipped a note in her hands. It said “ Through hell & heaven, until & forever . Will you be mine”. With tears in her eyes she nodded yes. 


~ Shambhavi Pandey

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