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Final Meeting
Final Meeting



‘I like to dream about you,’ said I while she took her bag off and placed it on her lap. She grinned and tried to remove any possibility of eye-contact. Reckoning her hesitation, I turned my eyes a bit.

She knew that I love her and I knew that she could never love me back. But for me, the moment was everything.

She hardly settled her head to look straight as her lake-deep eyes glared off the light beam, and shared the comfort of a diya in the darkest night.

‘How do you feel, when you know that I am your most beautiful regret,’ she asked.

I peered on her pink lips, the lips that showed what it meant to be beautiful.

I chuckled impassively, ‘it is the worst feeling in the world. What is the distance between us now, Inches? But it hurts that I am too close to you when you aren’t mine. But it goes you,’ I paused, ‘I guess.’

‘I wish I could love anyone the way you love me,’ she spoke.

‘You won’t be able to let it go,’ said I.

‘If you could, would you have me stay with you for eternity?’ ‘No, I would never ask you to stay until you don’t want to.’ ‘What do you think I desire now?’ she asked, flirting.

‘You want to kiss me and hold me and put your arms around me and hope it is the reality. But then you will open your eyes and know reality is much frightening. And you will sob in your heart and you will try to leave but your soul will be resting in my arms. For what I know, nothing can hurt my love for you.’ ‘You are a terrible liar, you know that?’ she spoke.

‘Never intended to lie to you,’ said I.

‘But here you are,’ she told me.

My throat choked a little, ‘here we are.’

We didn’t speak for a few minutes. I tried to carry the conversation. ‘I have always loved you and I always will. I want you to stay but I won’t say it to you but I will cry on my room’s floor at 3 AM for not having you by my side. I will die but I will never call you. I feel, necessity of being with another person is the death of love.’

I paused for a few seconds, ‘I want to love you the same when you are with me or when I dream about me.’

Her eyes wetted down, ‘sometimes, you find a way to make me emotional.’

I sighed grinning, ‘so it is goodbye then?’

‘Not before hugging you tightly,’ she stood and hugged me with all the life she had. She turned and started to walk away. I called her as my voice began to tremble, ‘I had never lied to you, never tried to do.’

She faced me half smiling, ‘oh, you know nothing my dear.’


~ Gaurav Yadav

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