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The First Glance
The First Glance



“I stood and took my bag on my shoulders. Entering the gate, I headed towards the building. You walked beside me, alone and gaze halted at nothing. You looked straight ahead in the void, recklessly leaving the way behind.

I looked at you even though I didn’t want to stare anywhere else. But the eyes see what they should see. I saw the most beautiful woman ever existed feet away from me. You had a red hairband and round big spectacles, with a narrow frame. Earrings fell from your ears like a beam of light passing a fountain. They sparkled like gold, you coiffed your hair from your face to behind your ears. Hair had touched your lips and I grew jealous of them. 

I had never seen you there before, I guessed you were new recruitment. You need friends. Chuckling on my own decision, I tried to walk beside you. You looked at me for once but denied to continue it. Another man – you must have thought.

I was not the other man. I was me and you were you. 

‘You know,’ I asked you smoothly. You thought for a second, probably wondering what to answer to a strange person. And you grinned. For whatever reason it was, you trusted me.

‘Yeah,’ your lips spread, ‘third day.’

I cursed myself for not noticing you for two days. Your eyes were green, and you looked at me. The meeting of black and green, was beautiful.

‘Which department,’  I asked you.

‘IT,’ you replied and frowned a little for questions.

‘Boss is quite moody, stay alert near him,’ I said.

‘He does the boss thing,’ you replied.

‘Oh well,’ I moved my hand for a shake, ‘Ved.’

You shook my hand, ‘Meera.’

‘As in, lord Krishna’s lover?,’ said I.

You shook your hand disappointingly. Bad joke it was.

‘Ved, as in rigveda?’ you smirked a bit.

I felt shy and looked down, ‘your point was better.’

We walked for a few more distances. I tried to continue the acquaintance.

‘You won’t mind a compliment, would you?’ asked I.

‘No,’ you felt cozy.

‘You are beautiful,’ I said. You didn’t reply. I ought to continue.

I stammered a bit, ‘no......t in the body way, but in the soul way.’

‘You know my soul after a minute talk,’ you spoke fascinated.

‘I had looked in your eyes to deep down your soul and eyes never lie.’ 

You laughed. It was a good point.

‘You too seem like a nice person Ved,’ you addressed, ‘we should meet during lunch.’

You left. I watched you leaving towards your department. And I swear, you look equally beautiful leaving as you look coming.

We met during lunch and I know this was the point I would know if this friendship was forward.

We sat opposite each other and you ordered a coffee.

‘Not to lie,’ you told me, ‘you were the first genuine nice person to meet me here.’

‘Thank you,’ said I, ‘why you left your previous job.’

‘Oh, I knew there was no future there and I should move forward. Past is past. But the future is what is present and in the present I meet you,’ you said.

I hesitated for a minute, tried to digest the words, ‘Wow!’

‘Since when are you working here?’ you asked.

‘Seems like a lifetime but exactly 18 months,’ said I.

‘I feel, sometimes lifetime are just moments. The moments are too beautiful to let go of.’

But I wasn’t sure that you were single. Felt better to ask you.

‘Your boyfriend in this city too,’ I asked.

You thought for a moment, ‘no, but he's trying to get a job here.’

And I felt bad, very bad for myself. I liked you and you liked someone else. But even as a friend, you were too beautiful to let go off. So I didn’t want to feel bad for myself. Past is past and I aimed to move forward. But life is always interesting but can never be more beautiful than you.” 

Ved completed his monologue as his wife Meera meekly kissed him on his cheek and cuddled in his arms.

~ Gaurav Yadav

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