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A Love Reaction
A Love Reaction



My first day of college. Everyone goes through that highly awkward phase of not knowing anyone from high school and shifting into different majors. For me, that wasn’t all. I had shifted from the place where I completed my high school and now I was back in my hometown. The place where I had not even spent a day in my life. So I wasn't just awkward, I was scared. 

Scared of how I would blend in. I was the popular girl in high school and obviously I made some crappy relationship choices but this was my new start and I  didn’t want to mess it up! 

I was already 15 days late because of the shifting and my first Unit Test was coming up. 

I tried studying as hard as I could but couldn’t concentrate in all the chaos of moving furniture and loud phone calls. So , I hoped that my teachers would understand even if i didn’t do my best. 

I later found out , I was wrong. My principal had called me along with the students who had failed the test. I had passed the test but not with great marks so she threatened to give me a TC , If i didn't work my grade up. 

I was devastated. I walked up to my class with my face hung down. I was a topper in my previous school and she thought I was a failure. 

I had some friends in class who sat with me at lunch but none of them were very close. They had been together since kindergarten and I was the new fish in the pond. 

I sat there in a corner sobbing at what she had told me , silently eating my lunch as I knew no one would notice.

But then this guy came and sat next to me, I had talked to him before. He used to do homework for some class brats as they would bully him. I felt sorry for him on my first day but later on we hadn’t spoken a word.

He sat next to me and said “Seems like you got your welcome gift from our principal” .

 Even though I was so upset ,I couldn't help but smile at him for saying it. It was a cringey joke but at least it got me to smile. 

He looked at me smiling  and said “If you are here , it already means you might have been a topper. So, why those tears?” 

To this I started telling him how I was new and knew nobody and was also shifting so I couldn't study.

He told me “ You know I don’t just write notes for them because they bully me. I do it because I know it will help me revise as well“ 

Without expecting an answer, he continued.” See, I don’t play sports and our next class is Chemistry Lab and after that we have games. If you would mind skipping it then I could help teach you the stuff you missed. “

I was more than happy at this . I loved sports but mostly indoor stuff like chess, badminton etc. and till then everyone whom I had asked to teach me the previous portion, were either too busy or didn’t care.

“I would really like that, “ I replied , almost instantly.

So we ate lunch together and he helped me into our chemistry class. We were just learning to use pipettes and half the class was absent so our teacher told us to practice our titration skills with plain water for the day so we could get used to the equipment.

She allowed us to stand with whomever we wanted and gave us 1 beaker per 4 students. We just had to fill the beaker with water and try using a pipette properly.

If you don’t know how a pipette is used, it is basically a tube or straw like glass where you suck the solution and hold it until you shift it into a flask.

So as fate had it all planned , me and him were on one table with another girl and the teacher told us to group up and take a beaker. The girl wanted to go to her friend so she just left the two of us in the group and she joined her friend’s group. 

Now this was my first chem lab class and I obviously didn’t want to break anything. I didn't know how to use it at all while these people were perfecting their skill. I looked up at him with confusion. “Tell me how to use it please,” I said.

He came up beside me and got the beaker with water. He put his pipette in the water and demonstrated how it should be done. 

I tried taking a sip and doing the same thing but the water went straight to my head and I started coughing. Our teacher wasn’t there as she had a meeting so he just put my pipette down carefully and told me to look up. That gave me a little relief and he asked if I was okay. 

I said “sure”. So I tried again and this time carefully. I finally got it. I could handle the amount of liquid in the pipette without drinking it. 

He cheered “yay!” right beside me and the whole class looked at us . He didn’t care so I didn’t either. 

Moving on, I was practicing and since we had the same beaker , we usually would just take turns but when he was sipping through the beaker ,I asked if I could just take another reading. As I put my pipette into the beaker, that’s when I realised how close we were. 

There was hardly an inch between us and before I could analyse anything, our eyes met. For the first time , the world around me seemed to shut off. I looked at him and I didn’t want to look away .I have had relationships before but I never had the connection. 

With this guy, I felt a spark in my heart. I thought that he might hurt my feelings again, just like my previous boyfriend did. But I was willing to risk it. I found trust in his eyes that I had never felt before. 

We continued throughout college just jokingly flirting with each other and he proposed to me at the end of college. But I was moving back to another state. And he would stay there. So I said no. 

The moment I went to attend my degree college , we started chatting online. Every single day and I finally agreed to be his girlfriend. 

Two long years of wait and now we have been together for almost four years! I never gave up on him and he never gave up on me .

So don’t ever lose hope on love. Your perfect guy might just be in your chemistry Lab.

~ Aditi

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