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Jab We Met
Jab We Met


Kritika was waiting for her friend outside the theatre. The movie was going to start in 25mins and her friend hadn't shown up yet. Her phone rang, it was her friend. She said she had to take care of her mother as she was ill and so she couldn't show up for the movie. Kritika was disappointed and thought watching a movie alone will be boring so she decided to leave. She was about to leave when she saw Aaryan who works in her office was arguing with a girl. The girl left and Aaryan gave his movie tickets to a couple passing by and was about to leave on his bike when Kritika stopped him.

Kritika- Hey! Are you not going to see the movie?

Aaryan- Sorry, do I know you?

Kritika- Yes. Maybe you've not seen me but we work in the same office.

Aaryan- I’m sorry. I didn’t know this. I need to leave now, I’m in a hurry.

Kritika- Wait, my friend was about to come but she cancelled the plan at the last moment…

Aaryan interrupted in between- I’m sorry to hear this but I need to leave now.

Kritika- Would you mind watching this movie with me? I really want to watch this Imtiaz Ali film but watching a movie alone will be boring.

Aaryan laughed.

Kritika- Will you?

Aaryan- Do you know my 2 years old relationship ended two minutes ago and you are asking me to watch another love story on the screen with someone I’ve met, hardly two minutes ago?

Kritika- Believe me this movie is really a good one. Your mood will change. And who knows what this movie holds for you?

Aaryan couldn't believe that this girl who he doesn't know is asking him to watch a movie with her just after his break up. While Aaryan was busy with his thoughts Kritika held his hand and dragged him inside the theatre saying “I hate missing the beginnings”. 


The movie screen flashed with the title of the movie-


Kritika whistled.

With every song and every scene Kritika’s expressions changed. Aaryan could not help but look at her.

As the movie ended they waited for a few minutes for the crowd to leave. When the crowd left they started moving towards the exit. 

Kritika said “I’m sorry. I dragged you to watch this amazing movie with me while you were busy being Devdas”, and broke into laughter.

Aaryan- It’s okay because I don’t regret coming here. It was a nice movie. 

They both smiled and their eyes locked for a few seconds before Kritika broke the silence.

“I think I should leave now, it’s already 11;50”.

“I can drop you home, if you don’t mind”, said Aaryan.

“You broke up with a girl whom you loved for 2 years just a few hours ago. Are you sure you want to leave me home and not try to talk to her?”, asked Kritika.

“Yes. I’m sure. Because what’s over is over. We should always be ready for new beginnings. Who knows what the coming few minutes hold for me? I don’t like missing the beginnings”, replied Aaryan. 

They locked their eyes for another few seconds and then Kritika sat behind Aaryan on his bike. They rode towards ‘home’.

~ Riya

Aapke is safar ka sathi


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