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Not what to expect it to be
Not what to expect it to be



Love isn’t as blissful or as angelic as one expects it to be. It doesn’t always have a happy ending; sometimes it leaves you broken from within, turning you into an irreparable mess which is exactly what happened to me after I couldn’t make it work with my boyfriend aka my best friend Andrew. We had a perfect relationship and like every other teenage girl I thought he was the guy I would marry and spend the rest of my life with. 

But who knew that destiny had other plans for us, that from spending hours together we would come down to one a few texts in a day and ultimately to ignoring each other blatantly? And let me tell you this, the reason we got separated wasn’t due to trust issues, one cheating on the other or any of the other thirty-nine hundred reasons why most couples break up these days.

I really don’t know what went wrong between us or how we messed up. But somehow, we eventually just got tired of the same monotonous life we were living or at least I did. And trust me we did try our best to make it work because c’mon we were best friends before we started dating. We had to make it work because obviously how can you two besties turned lovers break up right? Isn’t that what we are made to believe by this delusional world? That life is all about finding the perfect partner, your soulmate or even your twin flame; that once you find them somehow all the problems in your life vanish and it’ll become one of those cliché fairy tales you’ve always read about in books?

But sadly, that’s not how it works in real life. Not everything that we want comes easily including relationships, that you will have to struggle and fight and even then it may not be enough. At times even after giving our one hundred percent it just isn’t enough and that is what breaks us; the fact that we did everything we could though we still reached the same end we would have without trying anything at all.

We started questioning ourselves, questioning our worth and why even after doing so much we couldn’t achieve what we wanted which in my case was my relationship with Andrew to work. But little did our stupid nineteen-year selves know that there was more to maintaining a relationship than just love, or maybe that love wasn’t even as important as one expects it to be.

~ Shrushti Gadani

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