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Cat Lover | Part - 2 | English Love Story | Love Story in English | Love Feeling & Romantic Love Story


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Cat Lover | Part - 2
Cat Lover | Part - 2



“So, you’re telling me that you have never danced in rain before”, he said sipping on his coffee from across the table.

“Nope.” I said. 

“Why? How?”, he said, looking obviously shocked. “You’re missing out, believe it or not.”

“That’s not true.” I said laughing at his astonishment. “I don’t like getting my clothes, hair and shoes wet in the rain. What’s wrong with that?”

“Everything!” he said, “You’ve lived for 22 long years, been through countless rains and never danced in one. Living with snow has turned you into a cat.”

“Come on. It’s not that bad.”

“Yeah? What do you like to do when it rains?” he asked.

“I like to sit by a window, read a book, sip on coffee. All that good stuff.” I said. He laughed. I enjoyed his laughter. The way his smile would reach his eyes and his eyes would almost close shut. How his voice rumbled through his chest, laughter escaping through his lips. 


Jaehyun was a beautiful man.  And somehow this low lighting and the sheer atmosphere of the café made me appreciate his beauty more. When laughing his eyes would turn to crescents. When not, he had those piercing eyes looking straight into your soul. His hair would fall perfectly on his forehead, brushing near his eyebrows gently. His ear piercings added to his charm. Made him look like a mysterious bad boy sometimes but he was a gentleman.


He was still sitting across me now reading through a piece of music on a sheet. His long fingers tapping across the table. He was a pianist, he had told me and boy his beautiful long fingers were a teller of his art.  


“What’s that?” I asked.

“This?” he said, gesturing towards the music score. “This is a piece I have been working on recently. It’s La Campanella.”

“Oh, by Liszt!” I said, recognizing the name.

“You know him?” he said, looking somewhat shocked, “I didn’t expect that.”

“I am an admirer of classical music. Thank you very much.” I said with a handful of sass in my voice, but then instantly laughing at it. Jaehyun seemed to get my humor too. He was laughing when suddenly a cloud jumped up and sat on his sheet music.


“OH SNOW! MOVE! YOU’RE BLOCKING IT.” He complained to the cat who was now sitting on his music and also on his hand. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. The cat was quietly sitting near my legs till now. It seems she missed being the center of attention.

“Snow come on!” he exclaimed.

“It seems she is upset. You haven’t been giving her much attention today.” I said.

“Is that what it is? Is that it Snow?” he said, half talking to me and half talking to Snow. And then he started scratching and petting Snow’s back, rubbing his face on her white fur. “Oh, my beautiful girl!” 

“Come on girl. Let’s Go now.” I said, trying to move her off. I picked her up, and turned to Jaehyun “you’re coming?” 

He got up gathering his stuff in his backpack. “To the library!” he said. 


We paid for our check and by the time we got out of the café to the parking lot, it had started to drizzle. 

“Oh No!” I clutched snow tighter trying to run towards Jaehyun’s car but a tug pulled me towards a different direction, surprising Snow who jumped off my arms and onto the road.


“Here is your chance.” he said. I looked at him in confusion and he answered right away, “to dance in the rain!” 

“What?” I said, astonished.

“Yeah.” he said, “let’s do it! You won’t know if you never do it.”   


And with that he started swaying my body with his swaying my body with his own. He led my hands to tangle in themselves behind his neck and his own gathered around my waist. We were slow dancing to the sound of the rain in a parking lot. In the rain! Never in a million years I had known I would do something like that, and here I was moving along with him.

It had started raining louder and heavier and we were both soaked by the time we stopped. How and when I don’t know, but we seemed to have been searching for something in each other’s eyes. Breaking the silence, he said my name. 

“Yeon Hee,” he said. 

“hmm!” strange things were happening today. I couldn’t hear my own voice, what I said. My heart was beating too loud. And then to both of our surprise, from nowhere Snow jumped onto his shoulder.  We were both laughing now and I could feel his laughter resonating through his body onto mine. 

“You were saying?” I asked in between laughter. 

“Let's go!” he said, gathering snow in one arm and holding mine in the other, he smiled and led us to his car.

“let’s go!” I said, smiling.



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