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Meant to be | Part - 7 | Love Hindi | Love Story in Hindi | Love Feeling & Romantic Love Story

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Meant to be | Part - 7
Meant to be | Part - 7



When the song ended, we went to our table where Adhira was sitting. I saw some guys were trying get close to Adhira and she was not at all comfortable with that. I got so angry seeing this that I rushed to her, grab her hand tightly and pull her out of the hall. She shook away my hand saying it hurts and without thinking I scolded her for not fighting back. I didn’t knew why it was happening but thought someone getting close to her was burning me from inside and I have never felt this emotion of jealousy for anyone. She got confused at my reaction and looks me in surprise and asks me why I am getting so worked up. I look at her charming face and that’s all it takes to calm me down. I look at her with concern and tell her that she should be careful with other boys as not everyone in there in as good as she thinks them to be. She agrees with me and asks me if she can go home now as its already late and she not this party much as it’s not that fun at all. I nodded and offer her a drive back home. She tells me that she needs to get her coat and then we can leave.  I stopped from going inside as I know what would happen If I let her go in there alone so I asked her to wait outside and I will get the coats. 

I went back inside and saw those same boys were talking about something and were laughing with everyone. I got close and heard what they were saying, it was something about Adhira and what I heard next was unbelievable. I heard them talking how pathetic Adhira is and she is a whore as she has wrapped me around her fingers and she can never be good enough for me. I knew it was not at all true and they are making a big of deal out of it but I realised one thing for sure and that how much I love her. This was just not a friendly love; it was the love which makes my heart skip beat and makes me go all crazy. I loved her and this explains all the confusion in my mind. It’s all clear now, why I only bought dress for my best friend and not my girlfriend, why I have never bought my girlfriend chocolates but whenever I meet my best friend there were always chocolates with me, I know what that weird sensation in my body was when I saw her in that dress. I know everything but I also realised that this can’t be possible as no one will accept her as my girlfriend and only I can protect her from all the humiliation. I take her coat and went back to where I left her. I saw her smiling at me as I reach her and all I can think of this amazing girl I love but I can’t have her because of all the humiliation she will face and the image of that day when she was crying came in front of me. My heart pain with the thought of her crying and remembered what a jerk I was who couldn’t even protect her at that time, so how was I be supposed to fight for her future.

~ Nimisha Goel

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